Licking My Cum off Her Feet

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This has been a fantasy of mine for many years. My wife was not naturally dominant when we married - she still is not a total Dom. But, she understood my desires and became dominant sexually. At first it was just role playing, but then she began to enjoy it.

I have a strong fetish for cum on hose and feet. But, it's difficult to lick your own cum off of something - since the libido drops rather fast.

However, recently my wonderful wife instructed me to spray my cum on her foot and lick it clean - and kept up the strong demands after I did it. I've done it a few times this way since, and the transformation has been amazing.

It is very difficult to do it - with her looking at you and you wondering, "Does she think I'm a freak for doing this?" But, once I lick it off her feet, feeling it enter my mouth and swallowing my own cum - wow! I continue to stroke my cock (which she loves) and I can feel it throbbing in my hand - I find I am getting turned on again, almost immediately.

I love her feet and heels ... especially in hose. And, I crave her dominance.

Anyone else into this? It SENDS ME!
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